Senior QA Engineer(En ver.)

Tokyo, Tokyo
Work Type: Full Time

■Why are we recruit this position

As we enter our second growth phase, it is important to strengthen our QA team in order to achieve higher quality and faster development cycles.

We are looking for a leader with both technical and human skills who can drive the team forward and improve the overall QA process, including the implementation of automation tools.


  • Lead the QA team in creating effective test plans

  • Implement automation

  • Oversee the writing of clear testing documents

  • Work on improving our product's quality

  • Create and update reusable test cases and plans

  • Find and report issues clearly

  • Work with other teams to solve problems

  • Help set and improve testing standards

  • Keep learning about the real estate industry

  • Stay up-to-date with the technologies we use

  • Learn new skills as needed


  • Test Management: Qase

  • Task management: GitHub, Asana

  • Communication Tools: Discord

  • Technology stack: Elixir, Phoenix, Vue, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, AWS

Work Environment

  1. Office environment that combines location, facilities, and scenery with the ability to work completely remotely.

    1. Note: Remote work is possible, but we expect you to come to Japan to work.

  2. Fostering technological innovation and product development

    1. Provide educational programs and mentorship to help engineers grow

    2. Encourages the elimination of technical debt, introduction of new technologies, and experimentation with innovative ideas

  3. International Team

    1. Many of our in-house engineers are foreign nationals, so there are many opportunities to use English

    2. Pursues continuous growth based on mutual trust and respect for diverse opinions


  • Business-level English

  • 5+ years of extensive QA experience, including both manual and automated testing

  • Proven experience as a team lead or similar

  • Excellent communication skills to lead teams and interact with stakeholders

  • Expert at creating comprehensive test strategies and documentation

  • Advanced problem-solving skills for complex issues and system-wide improvements

  • Proven ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects independently

  • Strong SQL skills for in-depth data analysis and troubleshooting


  • Conversational-level Japanese

  • Experience working at a Seed or Series-A startup

  • Experience working with an Agile Development Team

  • Experience using modern tools for Test Case Management


  • 11F KDX Toranomon 1-Chome Bldg, 1-10-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0001


  • Employment status: Full time (Discretionary working system) 

  • Contract term:Permanent 

  • Probation:3months

  • Annual salary scheme: 7,000,000円〜10,000,000円 

    • Final decision based on experience and selection evaluation

  • Work Hours:

    • You are considered to have worked 8 hours per day under the Discretionary working System

    • The start time and the end time of the work day is set out below as a standard, but is left to the discretion of the Employee.

      • 1. Start time: 10:00am(JST)

      • 2. End time: 19:00pm(JST)

  • Holidays

    • Saturdays, Sundays, and National holidays including Golden Week and New Year

    • 20 days paid leave (5 days paid leaves are granted on 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, 10/1 every year)

    • Special paid leave for Family and Medical:Employees shall be granted five (5) days of special paid leave on the date of hire. Thereafter, five (5) days of emergency leave shall be granted on January 1 of each year

  • Welfare programme

    • Health Insurance, Pension, Employment insurance, Workers' accident compensation insurance

    • Purchase of books to improve skills and business-related books

    • Language study support

    • Stock options may be granted based on performance

  • Total smoking ban in workplaces

Company Overview

We are a start-up company that develops and provides 『REMETIS』 an integrated data platform that accelerates commercial real estate transactions. The service is currently being used by real estate developers and funds, as well as financial institutions, construction companies, and brokerage firms. The organization is composed of members with a rich international background, and is expanding its business both domestically and internationally.

■Service Overview

REMETIS』 is a BtoB SaaS that streamlines the analysis and management of real estate and geographic information.It is easy to use; simply drag and drop property information in PDF files to create a database. Data is tied to location information, and both public information and information useful for analyzing in-house real estate investments and loans are centralized with various data such as past land sales history, rents, yields, land prices, and development cases, and can be searched in a single location. The above enables speedy and highly accurate information collection and profitability studies, as well as revitalization of meetings, standardization of operations, paperless operation, and reduction of opportunity loss due to missing out on good deals.

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